Research Poster Session

Saturday, October 19, 2013, 5:45 p.m. – 7:15 p.m.



1. A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of a Three-factor Model of the URICA
Rachel Tambling
Scott Ketring 

2. A Meta-Analysis of Relationship Factors Impacting Couples with IPV
Bryan Cafferky
María Dominguez
Prerana Dharnidharka
Nicole Lawson
Nicole Bird
Sandra Stith

3.Cost Effectiveness of Collaborative Mental Health in Outpatient Managed Care
Ashley Maag
D. Russell Crane
Julie Malloy
Holly Pack

4. Early Marriage: Effect on Relationship Quality and Stability
Felisha Younkin
Rikki Patton
Suzanne Bartle-Haring
Eugene Holowacz
Samuel Shannon

5.Growth Mixture Modeling: Relationship Quality Trajectories
Jared Durtschi
Kristy Soloski

6. Testing the Biobehavioral Family Model in Adult Primary Care
Sarah Woods

Addictions/Substance Abuse
7. Impacting Binge Drinking Trajectories During Adolescence
Kristy Soloski 
8. Parenting, Substance Abuse, and Transactional Sex
Rikki Patton
9. The Attachment to Heroin in Young, Caucasian Men in Inpatient Drug Treatment
Reya Ingle
Marianne M. Miller
10. The Impact of Family Distance Regulation on Alcohol Abuse
Eugene Holowacz
Suzanne Bartle-Haring
Erica Hartwell

Adoption/Foster Care
11. Analysis of Foster Children’s Perceptions of their Parents
Haley Pettigrew
Lindsay Huffhines
Kerri Newman 
12. Sibling Relationships in Foster Care and Externalizing Behaviors
Armeda Stevenson Wojciak
Lenore McWey

13. Exploring Co-parenting Between Same-sex Couples
I-Shan Yang
Mei-Ju Ko
Anne Prouty 
14. Intersession Report (IR) Sensitivity to Change
Scott Ketring
Lee Johnson
Rachel Tambling
Megan Oka
Shayne Anderson
Richard Miller 
15. Overcoming Biases in Youth Diagnosis in Community Mental Health Settings
Armando Gonzalez
Tatiana Glebova
Gwenyth Poggi
Diana White

16. An Adolescent Journey of Healing Through Letter Writing
Ava Crump
W. David Robinson 
17. Assessing Play- Vs. Talk-Based Family Therapy with Children
Amber Willis 
18. Childhood Obesity Intervention with 4th Graders in Alabama
Ali Zaremba Morgan
19. Exploring the Experiences of Parents Who Attempt Suicide
Laura Frey
Julie Cerel
20. Family-Based Treatment for Youth who Sexually Offend
Vanieca Kraus
Megan Dolbin-MacNab
21. Maternal Factors & Adolescent Outcomes in At-risk Families
Heather Farineau
Amy Claridge
Cassandra Lettenberger-Klein
Armeda Stevenson Wojciak
Lenore McWey
22. National Guard Youth Perceptions of Deployment
Una Henry
Aaron Norton
María Dominguez
Joyce Baptist
23. Parent-adolescent Relationship, Control and Black Youth
DeAnna Harris-McKoy

24. Parental Couple Aggression and Child and School Outcomes
Jennifer Hawkley
James Harper
25. Parent-Child Feeding Practices in Low-Income Families
Lauren Messina
Emily Cook
26. Parenting Confidence, Mental Health & Family Relationships
Munevver Gurmen
Alyssa Banford
Emily Webster
Shayne Anderson
Rachel Tambling
27. Pregnancy Intention & Parenting Behavior: The Role of Context
Amy Claridge
Cassandra Lettenberger-Klein
Christine Helfrich
28. Promoting Communication between Adolescents and Their Deployed Parents
Stephanie Armes
Laura Frey
Lauren Smith
Ronald Werner-Wilson
Kerri Ashurst
29. Promoting Parent-Child Relationships through Communication
Cassandra Lettenberger-Klein
Amy Claridge
Armeda Stevenson Wojciak
Heather Farineau
Lenore McWey
30. The Experiences of Homeless Families with Children
Sharde' McNeil
Kendal Holtrop
31. War Deployment: Resilience of National Guard Youth
Joyce Baptist
Elaine Johannes
Patricia Barros-Gomes
Bryan Cafferky
32. When Parents Travel: Conflict, Feelings, & Child Aggression
Ruth Nutting

 Clinical Techniques
33. Therapist Brain Activity and the Therapeutic Relationship
Kristyn Blackburn
Trent Parker
Ronald Werner-Wilson
Nathan Wood 

34. Clients’ Experiences of Spirituality in Couple’s Therapy
Jillian Hawks
Trent Parker
Ronald Werner-Wilson
Nathan Wood 
35. Communication in Couples with Husbands with Heart Disease
Joshua Novak
Jonathan Sandberg

36. Couple Attachment Pairing and their Interaction Outcome
Lin Shi
37. Couple-Centered and Therapist-Centered Process and Attachment
Justin Zamora
Mark Butler
James Harper
Jeremy Yorgason
38. Escalation, Distortion and Couple Interaction: A Process Study
Jason Whiting
Jaclyn Cravens
39. Facebook Infidelity: Clinical Differences of Internet Infidelity
Jaclyn Cravens
Jason Whiting
40. Factors Influencing Sexual Problems in Marital Adjustment
Hye Jin Kim
Jeehee Sung
Douglas Smith
41. Improving the Transition to Parenthood by Utilizing an MFT
Dolores Michael
W. David Robinson
42. Intimacy in Long-term Marriages: A Cohort Comparison
Hana Yoo
Suzanne Bartle-Haring
43. Physiological Recovery from Conflict: How Attachment Anxiety and Avoidance Play a Role
Nathan Taylor
W. David Robinson
Ryan Seedall
44. Video Game Use and Couple Attachment Behaviors
Jeffry Larson
Jamie Smith
Dean Busby
Jonathan Sandberg
45. What Affects Perceived Criticism in Couple Communication?
Norman Epstein
Jennifer Young
Lauren Messina
Emily Cook
Carol Werlinich

46. Military Families, Grief, and Facebook: A Phenomenology
Fiona O'Farrell
Crystal McMahan
Jessica Scales
Elisabeth Esmiol

47. Depression, Demand/withdraw Behaviors and Marital Satisfaction
Pei-Fen Li
Lee Johnson
Bertranna Abrams
48. Father Influence on Conflict and Depression in Young Women
Christine Ajayi

49. Exploring the Alliance in High Conflict Divorce Cases
Scott Huff
Shayne Anderson
Rachel Tambling

50. A Closer Look at the Therapist’s Evaluation of Treatment
Rebecca Boyle
Sharon Apel Bursky 
51. How does Self-Care Improve Professional Quality of Life?
Una Henry
Jennifer Brown
Jordon Weideman
Camille Lafleur
C.R. Macchi
Jared Durtschi 

52. Family Relationships, Meals, and Activities: Predicting Parental Health
Katharine Wickel
Jerica Berge 
53. Lack of Visibility of MFTs in a Pediatric Medical Community
Julie Ramisch
Rebecca Malouin
Esther Onaga
Emily Schmittel
54. Modeling Relationships & Health Connections for Minorities
Jacob Priest
Sarah Woods
55. What's For Dinner?: Emotional Atmosphere at Family Meals and Childhood Obesity
Jerica Berge

56. The Role of Humility in Client Change: A Delphi Study
Steven Harris
Katharine Wickel

 Practice Development
57. Healthy Nests Intervention Study: A Qualitative Follow Up
Tiffany Brown
Marjorie Maxwell
Deanna Linville
Jeffrey Todahl
Ashlee Armstrong 

58. Outcome Linkages among Relationally Distressed Participants of CRE
Angela Bradford 

59. Acculturation and Well-Being among Korean American Youth
Angela Kim
60. Chinese Tiger Parenting: Pursuing Life, Liberty & Happiness
Jessica Chen 
61. Clinical Competency and Second Language Spanish Speakers
Kenneth Andersen
Jason Platt
62. Developing a Cultural Advisory Board: A Case Illustration
Desiree Seponski
Glenda Mutinda
Preston Haynes
Chris Alas
Joan Sotelo
63. Honoring Diversity: Multicultural MFT Supervision
Ppudah Ki
Sandra Rigazio-DiGilio
64. Infidelity & Attachment: The Moderating Role of Race/Ethnicity
Michele Parker
Kelly Campbell
Lindsay Kirol
65. Parenting Stress, Work-Family Conflict, and Social Capital
Micha Berryhill
66. Take the Plunge: Teaching Cultural Competency Experientially
Sara Blakeslee
Kendra Arsenault

 Severe Mental Illness
67. Cost-effectiveness of treating GAD in adolescent females
Kathryn Reynolds
D. Russell Crane
Jaime Ballard
David Fawcett 
 68. The Influences of Unresolved Trauma and Family on Hoarding Behavior
Jennifer Sampson
Steven Harris
Janet Yeats

Sexual Orientation
69. The Ethics of Conversion Therapy: Family Therapists’ Beliefs
Christine McGeorge
Thomas Stone Carlson
Russell Toomey 
70. Where is the “B” in LGB Family Therapy Training?
Elizabeth Nova
Christine McGeorge
Thomas Stone Carlson 

Sexuality/Sex Therapy 
71. Desired and Actual Intercourse Frequency in Couples
Anthony Hughes
James Harper 

72. Spiritual diversity in CFT training: Student Perspectives
Nicole Roberts
Christine McGeorge
Thomas Stone Carlson 

73. A Brief Intervention for Situational IPV in Clinical Couples
Douglas Smith
Jason Whiting
Haley Pettigrew
Lisa Merchant 
74. Impact of the 2011 Earthquake on Affected Turkish Families
Cigdem Yumbul
Elizabeth Wieling 
75. Shame as Mediator of Sexual Abuse & Symptoms in 3 Groups
Tabitha Webster
James Harper
Leslie Feinauer

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