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Saturday, October 18, 2014, 6:15 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.


Cutting Edge Research Posters
   Research Poster Title
 1 Meaning in Illness, Medical Concerns, and Care of Cancer Survivors Jeehee Sung, Mei-Ju Ko, Anne Prouty
 2 Patterns in Eating Disorder Treatment Across the Life Span Jaime Ballard, D. Russell Crane, Jacob Christenson
 3 Evidence Base on Behavioral Treatments for Adolescent Substance Use Craig Henderson, Aaron Hogue, Michael Robbins, Timothy Ozechowski, Susan Henderson
 Growth Trajectories of Delinquency Among Minority Youth Una Henry
 5  Childhood Exposure to Violence: A Meta-Analysis María Dominguez, Bryan Cafferky, Erika Smith, Prerana Dharnidharka, Sandra Stith
 6  The Impact of Technology on Face-to-Face Communication Joshua Novak, Jonathan Sandberg
Cost Effectiveness of Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Adults Micah Ingalls, D. Russell Crane, Holly Pack, Jacob Christenson
8 Attachment Style and Behaviors Predict Marital Problems Andrew Brown, Angela Bradford, Jonathan Sandberg
9 Personality Predictors of Marital Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis Jeffrey Jackson, Jeffry Larson, Garret Roundy
10  Four Group SEM Comparing Differences Among Military Wives Bryan Cafferky, Janet Crow

Addictions/Substance Abuse
   Research Poster Title
Alcoholics Anonymous: 12 Steps to Couples Counseling Sarah Schonian, Quintin Hunt
12 Immigration, Substance Use, IPV, & Adolescent Mother Yin Luo, Rikki Patton, Ulia Fisher, Hana Yoo, Heather Katafiasz
13 Therapist Factors in the Assessment of Substance Abuse with Couples
David Ivey

Adoption/Foster Care
   Research Poster Title
Solutions From Those in the Foster Care System
Armeda Stevenson Wojciak, Heather Farineau, Morgan Cooley
U.S. Parents, International Adoptees, Cultural Heritage, Risk Behaviors Yin Luo, Rikki Patton, Megan Miranda, Hana Yoo

   Research Poster Title
Assessing Risk of Eating Disorders in Primary Care Jody Russon, Guy Diamond, Tita Atte
Prevalence/Manifestation of Mental Health Issues in South Asians Rajeswari Natrajan-Tyagi, Niyati Gupta, Saima Husain, Neha Shahpatel, Farhat Chaudhry

   Research Poster Title
A Meta-analysis of Family Therapy with Children Ashley Bell, Li Ping Su, Chih Han Hsieh, Richard Miller, Jeffrey Jackson
A Review of Play-Based Youth Chronic Illness Interventions
Elizabeth Palmer, Keeley Pratt
20 Adolescent Sibling Relationships and Disordered Eating Emily Haugen, Elizabeth Blodgett Salafia
21 Attachment as Moderator Between Conflict and Self-Regulation Lisa Hansen, James Harper
22 Communication and Parent-Adolescent Relationship Quality
Cassandra Lettenberger-Klein
Custodial and Noncustodial Parents' Influence on Adolescent Obesity
Jerica Berge
Family and the Impact of Adolescent Bullying on Young Adults Megan Oed, Lorna Hecker
Family Differentiation, Young Adult Siblings and Depression Sujata Ponappa, Suzanne Bartle-Haring, Megan Ferriby, Eugene Holowacz, David Bowers
Neighborhood Safety, Coping, and Drug use in Adolescent Girls Aubry Koehler, Kevin Lyness
Online Gaming: Why It Matters to Family Therapists Nickolas Jordan
28 Relationships Moderating Shame and Internalized Behaviors Alexander Hsieh, Roy Bean, James Harper, Richard Miller
29 Unplanned Pregnancy and Child Outcomes: Identifying Mechanisms  Amy Claridge
30 WoW: A Family Therapist’s Journey into Scapegoated Culture  Nickolas Jordan

Clinical Interventions
   Research Poster Title
Change in Violent and Nonviolent Couples in Therapy
Megan Oka, Lee Johnson, Scott Ketring, Cameron Brown, Rebecca Goodman, Kayla Mennenga
32  Differences over Dollars & Sense: Money Discourses in MFT Daniel Wulff, Sally St. George, Tom Strong, Karl Tomm
33  Facilitating Closeness: A Brief Intervention for Couples in Distress George Templeton, Shayne Anderson, Andrea Meyer, Morgan Stinson
34  Helping Factors in Filial Therapy Zuzana Gassova, Tracey Werner-Wilson, Ronald Werner-Wilson
35  Motivation for Change: A Qualitative Study of At-Risk Parents Casey Chaviano, Haley Pettigrew, Cassandra Lettenberger-Klein, Amy Claridge, Lenore McWey, Armeda Stevenson Wojciak
36 Perinatal Depression: A Meta-Analysis of Relational Treatments  Amy Claridge
37  Secure Attachment Alleviates Depression in MFT Students Jennifer Kroeker, Debbie Richert, Kari Miller, Marina Warkentien
38 Social Networking, Attachment Style & Romantic Relationships  Cynthia Rangel, Mudita Rastogi, Sandra Lema-Stern
Therapist Interruptions: Collaborative vs. Competitive Intent  Matthew Connelly, Megan Oka, Ryan Seedall, W. David Robinson
40 Trajectories of Therapy Among Violent Couples  Lacey Haggan, Megan Oka
41  Violence Intervention for Couples: A Grounded Theory Haley Pettigrew, Jason Whiting, Douglas Smith

Collaborative Healthcare
   Research Poster Title
42  Developing Collaboration:  MFT and Medical Students’ Beliefs
George Templeton, Ruvan Weerasuriya, Andrea Meyer, Darren Moore, Morgan Stinson
43 Early Life Family Trauma: Linking Mental and Physical Disorders
Jamie Banker, Halleh Hashtpari, Andrew Collette, Alyssa Banford

Couples/ Relationships
   Research Poster Title
An Exploration of the Construction of Commitment Leading Marriage in Young Adult Couples
D. Scott Sibley, Paul Springer, Amber Vennum
45 Anxious Adult Romantic Attachment Style and Sexual Behavior Sahar Khoshakhlagh, Jeffrey Jackson
46 Attachment & Power: Signs of Couple Relational Aggression Cameron Brown, Megan Oka, Richard Miller
47 Attachment and the Therapeutic Alliance in Couples Therapy Richard Miller, Bryan Kubricht, Jonathan Sandberg, Roy Bean, Scott Ketring
48 Attributions and Attachment in Relationship Satisfaction Jonathan Kimmes, Jared Durtschi, Charity Clifford, Darin Knapp
49 Brief Intervention for New Parent Couples: Research Findings Tiffany Brown, Jeffrey Todahl, Deanna Linville
50 Communicating Rules and Boundaries for the Internet in Relationships Jaclyn Cravens, Jason Whiting
51 Communication Patterns Within Couple Therapy Rachel Tambling, Shayne Anderson
52 Converging Alliance Scores and Outcome in Couple Therapy Shayne Anderson, Scott Huff, Rachel Tambling
53  Couple Depression, Communication, and Steps Toward Leaving  Nicole Ehlert, Norman Epstein, Jocylynn Stephenson
54 Couples Coping with Cancer:  An Exploratory Study of Factors Influencing Relationship Satisfaction Alison Wong, Rachel Tambling
55  Couples, Stress and Autism: A Mixed Methods Study Matthew Brown, Jason Whiting
56 Depression in Families: Using the PICCOLO Measure in Therapy  Ty Aller, Ryan Seedall
57 Effects of Attachment on Dietary Habits and Activity Level  Stephanie Young, Angela Bradford. Jonathan Sandberg
58 Empathy as a Predictor of Relationship Satisfaction Jonathan Kimmes, Joseph Wetchler, Anne Edwards, Jerome Bercik
59 Expectations About Couple Therapy Over Time  Rachel Tambling, Alison Wong, Shayne Anderson
60  Exploring a Psycholinguistic Method of Assessing Attachment Orientation in Couple Therapy Erica Turner, Andrea Wittenborn
61 Fairness and Mental Health: Dyadic Processes in Marriage Candice Maier, Jacob Priest
62 Fostering Compassionate Love Among Older Couples  Jakob Jensen, Allen Sabey, Amy Rauer
63 How Effective Are Therapy Interventions? A Daily Diary Study  Lee Johnson, Kayla Mennenga, Megan Oka, Rachel Tambling, Shayne Anderson
64 Is Your Perception Your Partner’s Reality?  Joshua Novak, Angela Bradford, Jonathan Sandberg
65 Love Withdrawal and Dedication Commitment in Marriage  Charity Clifford, Jared Durtschi, Jonathan Kimmes, Darin Knapp, Nathan Hardy
66 Marital Satisfaction in Mothers of Children with Autism (ASD)  Katherine Winham, Margaret Keiley
67 Nonmarital Births and Coparenting: A Longitudinal Dyadic Analysis  Sung-Bong Cho, Amy Claridge, Ming Cui
68 Parent-in-Law Relationship Approval and Marital Outcomes  Kristina Vellucci, Jeffrey Jackson, Brian Willoughby
69 PDT, Sibling Relationship Quality and Stress During College  Megan Ferriby, Sujata Ponappa, Suzanne Bartle-Haring, Eugene Holowacz
70 Perceptions & Definition of Infidelity: A Multimethod Study  Sarah Schonian, Stephen Fife
71 Predicting Dyadic Coping: Actor-Partner Interdependence Model  Joyce Baptist, Aaron Norton
72 Romantic Relationships in Pregnancy Predict Fetal Health  Jared Durtschi
73 Recovery from Conflict, Conflict Expansion, and Attachment Karen Prager
74 Self and Partner Differentiation, Communication and IPV Perpetration  Patricia Barros-Gomes, Sandra Stith
75  STAA Assessment: Sex Therapy with African American Couples Anike R. Adekoya, Sarayu Chandrashekar, Malavi Madhusudan, Joseph Wetchler
76 The Lived Experience of Young Widowhood  Nathan Taylor, W. David Robinson
77 The Psychological Differentiation Inventory and Its Uses Karen Prager
78 The Role of Attachment during Positively-Themed Interactions  Ryan Seedall, Cassandra Barker, Ellen Lachmar, Ty Aller
79 The Role of Fatherhood in Adult Attachment  Miranda Hughes, ML Parker, Kristen Wold, Kelly Campbell
80 Therapist and Couple Warmth: An In-Session Process Study  Lori Schade, Jonathan Sandberg, Angela Bradford, James Harper, Richard Miller
81 Trauma’s Impact on Law Enforcement Spouses and Relationships  Ashley Landers, Lindsey Zemanek, Tai J Mendenhall 
82 Understanding the Eating Disorder Illness and Recovery Process in Couples  Deanna Linville, Erin Cobb, Susan Stadelman, Fei Shen

Delivery Systems/ Managed Care
   Research Poster Title
83  Latinos’ Access to Online and Formal Mental Health Support
Nicole Monta, Gabriela Lopez-Zeron, Jose Ruben Parra-Cardon

   Research Poster Title
84  Acculturation and Latina victims’ Formal Help-Seeking
Ulia Fisher, Rikki Patton, Heather Katafiasz, Yin Luo
85  Barriers to MFT for Undocumented Hispanic Families Jacob Christenson, Maria Isabel Ramos, Ashley N. Merritts
86  Culturally Competent Family Therapy in Grief and Bereavement Treatment Brittani Oliver, Desiree Seponski
87  Factors Impacting HBU Student Decisions to Pursue MFT Helena Green, Sandra Rigazio-DiGilio
88  Immigrant Families: Gaps in MFT Research and Practice Chelsea Solorzano, Christina Shim, Taryn Cooper, Tamara Gulasekharam, Hana Yoo
89  Impact of Father Involvement on African American Women Jacob Christenson, Ashley Frazier, Ashley N Merritts
90  Multicultural Training in MFT: International Students’ Reflections Pei-Fen Li, Jerry Gale
91  Nixon-Diversity Index Scale: Construction and Validation Edrica Richardson, Debra Nixon
92  Understanding Disability from a Social Justice Perspective Ryan Seedall, Ty Aller, Ellen Lachmar
93  Undocumented and Educated: The Insider’s Experience of DREAMERs Joanna Mendez, Denise Nicholas-Williams, Jason Whiting

Diverse/ Mediation/ Custody
   Research Poster Title
94  Client and Therapist Communication in Divorce Therapy
Scott Huff, Shayne Anderson, Rachel Tambling
95 Nonresidential Fathers and Children: Therapy Implications Ty Aller, Julie Dymock, Ryan Seedall

Early Preventive Strategies
   Research Poster Title
96 Impact of Relationship Education on Adolescent Resilience Angela Bradford, Stephanie Young, Francesca Adler-Baeder, Stella Dobry, Lauren Drean, Scott Ketring, Thomas Smith
97 Prevention within Cultural Adaptation Research with Latinos
Gabriela Lopez-Zeron, Nicole Monta, Michael Whitehead, Ana Rocio Escobar-Chew, Jose Ruben Parra-Cardona
Post Suicide Recovery: Community Based Interventions
Paul Springer, Richard Bischoff, Peter Rainey

Education/ Training/ Supervision
   Research Poster Title
99 Building a Better Internship at a College Counseling Center
Jeanne Rothaupt, Dylan Boucher
100  Building the Supervision Pyramid of Success: What Leads to Therapists' Clinical Progress? Violeta Kadieva, Anne Prouty
101 CFTs’ Views on a Weight/Body Awareness Curriculum & Weight-Bias Elizabeth Palmer, Keeley Pratt, Jaclyn Cravens, Yin Cai
Doctoral Dissertation Research in MFT: A Content Analysis Clinton Broadbent, Ryan Seedall
103  Evaluation of an Undergraduate Internship Program in MFT Megan Dolbin-MacNab, Stefan Pasymowski, Erika Grafsky
104  MFTs’ Education of Online Practices & Online Professional Networking Markie Blumer, Katherine Hertlein, Linda Tran, Jaclynn Koble
105  MFTs’ Treatment of Overweight Clients and Weight-Related Behaviors Keeley Pratt, Eugene Holowacz
106  Moving from PIPs to HIPs in Family Therapy Daniel Wulff, Sally St. George, Karl Tomm
107  Perceptions of MFT Training Programs Stressors and Enhancers Brie Turns, David Nalbone, Katherine Hertlein, Joseph Wetchler
108  Questions about Questions in Brief Therapy Supervision Annisa Pirasteh, Jana Sutton, Hannah Dunning, Adam Albrite
109  Training MFT Students: Exploring Research Pedagogy Andrea Meyer, George Templeton, Morgan Stinson

Epidemiological Research
   Research Poster Title
110  Brief Therapy in Cambodia: Poverty and Systemic Barriers
Desiree Seponski, Denise Lewis, Maegan Megginson
 Relational Predictors of BMI for Couples Merle Bates, Jonathan Sandberg, Joshua Novak

Ethics/ Legal
   Research Poster Title
112  MFT Trainees’ Perception and Critique of the AAMFT Ethical Codes
Hao-Min Chen
113  Stories of the Accused: MFTs & Unprofessional Conduct  Jacey Coy

Medical/ Physical
   Research Poster Title
114  Client Relationships with Chronic Pain, Mindfulness, Wellbeing
Scott Edwards, Tina Sellers, Leslie Savage
115 Modeling Effects of Relationships & Social Support on Health Sarah Woods, Jacob Priest, Tara Roush
116 Support Groups for Parents Raising a Child with Disabilities Jeffrey Jackson
The Experience and the Needs of Couples Coping with Cancer Mei-Ju Ko, Kruti Bhakta, Ashlee Miller

   Research Poster Title
Air Force Chaplains' Effect on Coping and Satisfaction
Aaron Norton, Bryan Cafferky, Marcie Lechtenberg
119  Structural Equation Model with Military Spouses Amanda Szarzynski
120  Treating Comorbid Disorders in Military Families Nikita Casanova, Suzanne Midori Hanna

   Research Poster Title
Neural Responses to Conflict Stimuli in Female Victims of IPV.
Douglas Smith, Jason Whiting, Anne Prouty, Jeffrey Crane, Lindsay Huffhines

Quantitative Research
   Research Poster Title
A Decade in Review: Content Analysis of MFT Research Trends
Hoa Nguyen, Annisa Pirasteh, Jennifer Lambert-Shute
123  Differentiation and Family Functioning in Asian Countries Mei-Ju Ko, Hye Jin Kim, Chandra Lasley
124  Finding Balance in Distance Regulation and Androgyny Erica Hartwell, Suzanne Bartle-Haring, Eugene Holowacz

School Systems
   Research Poster Title
Bullying in Ohio Schools: Implications for the MFT
Ashley Hicks
126 Family Contextual Factors and Parental School Involvement Micha Berryhill

   Research Poster Title
The Development and Impact of a Solution-Focused Working Group on Therapists in Community Practice
Mark Fernandes, Constantina Nanos-Bednar, Geraldine VanEngen, 
Tammy Palocz-Dunn

Sexual Orientation/ LGBT
   Research Poster Title
An analysis of Orthodox Gay Men and Their Maternal Relationships
Samuel Allen
129 Identity and Couple Acceptance in Married Same-Sex Couples Megan Murphy, Mary Green, Markie Blumer, Jeni Wahlig
130 LGB Affirmative & Non-Affirmative Supervision Experiences
Nicole O'Brien
131  LGB Affirmative Training: Assessing Faculty Member’s Beliefs Christine McGeorge, Thomas Stone Carlson, Russell Toomey
132 LGBQ Youth Health and Resilience
Erika Grafsky, Hoa Nguyen
133  LGBT Research Productivity: Leaders & Future Directions Kyle Zrenchik, Shonda Craft
134 Preparing to Prevent Same-Sex Couple Distress: Delphi Study
Jeni Wahlig

Sexuality/ Sex Therapy
   Research Poster Title
Rational Outcomes of Pornography Use within Romantic Relationships
Cameron Brown, Jason Carroll, Brian Willoughby, Dean Busby, Jeffry Larson
136 Sex Education Revisited: The Teenage Perspective Jacob Hunsaker, W. David Robinson
137 Shame, Love Withdrawal, and Sexual Satisfaction in Couples Austin Beck, James Harper

Trauma/ Violence/ Abuse
   Research Poster Title
A Dyadic Analysis of IPV using Bowen and Attachment Theories
Heather Katafiasz
139 Dating Violence among Chinese and Taiwanese College Students Chandra Lasley
140 Family Violence, Latinos, and Parental Warmth
Peter Rivera
141 Intimate Partner Violence Screening & Migrant Farmworkers Jonathan Wilson, Damon Rappleyea, Mark White, Andrew Brimhall
142 IPV Risk Factors: A Collectivist and Individualistic Context Allen Mallory, Patricia Barros-Gomes, Sharon Luu, Bryan Cafferky, Sandra Stith
143 Strategies for Managing Difficult Clinical Situations in Between Sessions Gunnur Karakurt, Amber Anderson, Alyssa Banford, Shannon Dial, Hannah Korkow
144 The Effects of Family of Origin Violence on Conflict and Depression Elizabeth Parker, Jacob Priest
145 The Impact of War and Displacement on Family Relationship Dynamics.
Damir Utrzan
146 The Nature of Processing Intrafamilial Child Sexual Abuse
Marjorie Strachman Miller, Sandra Stith

Sexuality/ Sex Therapy
   Research Poster Title
Forming and Comparing Types of Couples Who Use Pornography
Cameron Brown
Jason Carroll
Brian Willoughby
Dean Busby
Jeffry Larson
134 Sex Education Revisited: The Teenage Perspective Jacob Hunsaker
W. David Robinson
135 Shame, Love Withdrawal, and Sexual Satisfaction in Couples
Austin Beck
James Harper
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