Trainings and Special Meetings

Throughout AAMFT14, many additional trainings are available for MFTs interested in furthering their involvement in the profession through additional roles. Additional registration may be required.

  • COAMFTE Accreditation Workshop: Laying the Foundation of your Self-Study (Thursday, October 16; 7:30 – 11:30 a.m.): The benefits of accreditation to your program and its students are immeasurable. But going through the process can feel solitary and leave you fraught with questions. This workshop offers programs the exclusive access to hear directly from Commissioners regarding the preparation of a Self-Study document. Programs seeking initial accreditation and renewal of accreditation are highly recommended to attend this four-hour workshop addressing the accreditation process, interpretation, and application of accreditation standards, and preparation and submission of a self-study. Designed to be both informative and interactive, the workshop includes a "hands-on" component where participants can review examples of self-study excerpts, ask questions about accreditation for the first time or seeking re-accreditation, this workshop will provide you with essential information to prepare a successful self-study. Administrators, program directors and faculty members interested in quality assurance for their program are encouraged to attend this once-a-year opportunity. Help put your program on the path to a successful Self-Study. Register today.
  • COAMFTE Site Visitor Training (Thursday, October 16; 12:30 – 3:30 p.m.): By becoming a site visitor, you can help expand the MFT field and help ensure quality instruction on marriage and family therapy. Site visits are an integral part of the COAMFTE accreditation process. Volunteers participating on site visits serve as the "eyes and ears" of the Commission on Accreditation and dedicate their time and hard work to conducting on-site reviews that assist the Commission in its work. Site visits are generally scheduled in the spring, March 15 - May 15 and in the fall, September 15 - December 15 and occur over a two-day period, Monday and Tuesday (travel days are Sunday and Wednesday). Preparation materials, including program self-study and any additional documentation submitted by a program, are sent to site visitors for their review and preparation prior to the site visit. If you are interested in becoming a site visitor, please fill out the site visitor application.
  • AAMFT Division Leaders (Thursday, October 16; 9:00 – 3:30 p.m.): Are you interested in division leadership? If so, AAMFT encourages you to contact your division’s president or president-elect about joining current division leaders for a day of leadership training. This AAMFT leadership training is free to division leaders and prospective division leaders. Participants must register with the AAMFT division affairs staff. A directory of contact information is available on AAMFT's website at or you can contact Continuing education credit is not available for this session.

  • Supervision Track (throughout the Conference: Offered throughout the conference, this track is designed to fulfill the 15-hour interactive component of the Fundamentals of Supervision course. Check out the Supervision Track schedule and select the Supervision Track option during registration to attend.
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